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Animated Square Dance CD Website

Welcome To My Square Dancing Site. Inside you will find some animations of patterns in the Basic thru Advanced levels of Western Square Dancing. You will also find a link to different Square Dance Sites that I have found enjoyable and informative.

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Testimonial from a Square Dance Caller

"You have a great product here and this is will improve callers that have program and the dancers that get this program.........In my 35 years of calling I've tried to improve the dancing activity ...with a program like yours it will be a great help to Square Dancing and the Callers..........."Your program will last longer than my 35 years of calling to the activity". I have 2 other Square Dance Programs that are animated and to make sure that I call the movements correct I check them all. These programs will write material to call a dance.......I like yours best to show each movement and the movement only...this will make you understand how the movement works and the body flow...."
Mike King, Caller, Cairo Ohio

This is a site created by a Square Dancer for Square Dancers. The site and CD were designed to promote Square Dancing. While taking lessons, many students had trouble using the Square Dance Booklets promoted by Callerlab. To make learning easier, I created the Square Dancing Animations for Basic, Mainstream, Plus and Advanced. Since it can be totally controlled, a student can learn Square dancing at their own pace. The easier it is to learn and to remember the Square Dancing patterns, the more people will be inclined to join our Square Dance community. Besides giving examples of Square Dancing Patterns, I have added links to Square Dancing Clipart, and Square Dancing sites that promote dancing in various areas of the country.